The Select Committee on Police Reform held multiple hearings in 2020 amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Through these efforts, the overall goal of the select committee was to embark on a comprehensive approach to assess ways to hold police accountable, empower our communities, and explore tools to build trust between law enforcement and those they serve.

Select Committee Chair Mike A. Gipson has released a 2020 interim informational report based on findings across the following three hearings:

“A Path Forward: Learning from the History of Police Reform”
The purpose of this hearing was to increase understanding of the historical movement around police reform in California.

“Setting Better Standards for Police: More Professional, More Safety? Part 1”
The purpose of this hearing was to build understanding of the current professional training standards and recruitment practices for California law enforcement.

“Discipline for Misconduct: Why is it so hard to hold police accountable? Part 2”
The purpose of this hearing was to analyze current disciplinary processes and increase understanding of the nuts and bolts of accountability in civil litigation.

The report can be found here

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